Kingsbury Episcopi Band

About Kingsbury Band

Kingsbury Episcopi Band was established more than 100 years ago, although the exact date remains unknown. We are a village band from Somerset and we make music to celebrate life on the Levels. Throughout the band’s history, several generations of the same families have played in the band and continue to do so. Kingsbury Band members are extremely welcoming and friendly, and membership is open to anyone who wishes to play a musical instrument regardless of ability, age or indeed anything else. Our current age range is 10 to 90 and, in the past, it has ranged from 7 to 94! And furthermore there is no audition to pass. We do not have mandatory subscriptions, but we would welcome a voluntary donation of, say, £5 per month from those who can afford to pay.

Many young people learn an instrument at school but are unable to play in the school band or orchestra and sadly never experience the joy of performing. Often they leave school, enter college or university and cast their musical interests aside, sometimes for many years. However, Kingsbury Band welcomes anyone who wishes to pick up an instrument and play again, at whatever stage of life that might be.

Playing in the band provides personal pleasure for our members and allows others to enjoy the gift of music.

Should you be interested in joining the band please contact us.

We rehearse every Thursday evening from 7:30pm – 9:30pm at the Kingsbury Episcopi Community Centre.

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