Kingsbury Episcopi Band

Notices from Friday 6 Sep 2019

CD Recording – Sunday 8th September

Just a reminder to be at Barrington Village Hall this coming Sunday 8th September at 9.30am ready to start promptly at 10am for our recording day, which will be until 5pm. We’ll be recording Oregon, Spartacus, Les Miserables (finale only) and Over the Rainbow.

Please remember to bring a packed lunch for yourself and, optionally, cakes/biscuits for us all to share during the breaks (we don’t need everyone to bring some though). Tea and coffee will be provided, including real cafetière coffee for those who prefer it. Also, for those whose instruments ‘drip’, please bring a drip mat/cloth to protect the floor. Lastly, if you found the seats hard, you may wish to bring a cushion. We’re nearly there!


“Just a note to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all of you in the Band for the great event on Sunday. We thought that the Band was on absolutely ‘top form’ and excelled in all aspects of the music.” 

Email from the organiser of the Kingsbury Episcopi Methodist Church carol concert held on Sunday 16th Dec 2018

“I just wanted to officially thank you all for the wonderful performance you put on for our Street Fair. It isn’t official yet but I believe this was our best year ever for fund raising. Thank you for being a part of that. I say it every year and every year I mean it, when I say Drayton Street Fair wouldn’t be the same without you. It’s the music that lends the day its particular vibrance, I believe.I hope you all enjoyed yourself and that we’ll see you again next year.”

Email from organiser, Louise Lee, following our performance on Saturday 1st Sep 2018

“Dear band members, I just wanted to say a big Thank you to you all for your wonderful performance yesterday at Vivary Park!  It was wonderful to spend 2 hours relaxing in the sunshine and being transported back to the ‘good old days’ with such an eclectic mix of great music! Keep up the good work and know that your hard work is touching people’s lives in ways you cannot imagine.” 

Email received from a member of the public regarding our open-air concert in Vivary Park, Taunton on Sunday 20th May 2018